Environmental Policy

We have sourced and continue to source what we think are the best range of sustainable & eco-friendly solutions. Not only are we selling a range of products (from trusted sustainable suppliers), we also are educating everyone on a set about their waste consumption to try and eliminate plastic products and educate on how to recycle or reuse products. Our main customers are from the Film, TV, Fashion industry, and we know they create tons of waste
per day across the world; and we want to help reduce that and offer solutions to close the loop.

We want our products to be affordable to all businesses so we can work together to reduce waste in our communities, workplaces and the wider world. We believe if everyone made one change in their habits the world will become a cleaner place for us to live sooner.


  • Offer information posters to all customers stating how best to dispose of the products we sell.
  • Our invoices and paperwork will all be sent electronically to reduce any paper use
  • We will use recycled envelopes and boxes for sending out samples where possible.
  • We will dispose of non-recyclable materials in eco-bricks.
  • We will find a plastic alternative for any products we purchase for consumption.
  • We intend to only purchase items from environmentally friendly companies.
  • We currently used which is one of the greenest courier company in the UK.
  • Our logistics and warehouse were chosen because they are green-minded
  • We do not want to use plastic shrinkwrap to send out orders on pallets. We are seeking alternative solutions.
  • Have a green energy supplier in any office set up, we already have this in our home.
  • Our website is run on 100% renewable energy
  • Join a tree planting scheme to offset any carbon emissions we can’t avoid.

Oh, and we also hope you like our eco-friendly font!

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