How Do I Dispose of Simply Stem Products?

Want to know how to dispose of your Simply Stem products correctly? Read our handy guide.
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We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to know how to correctly dispose of Simply Stem’s products. Across our site and educational posters, we will use a simple ‘key’ to let you know the best way to dispose of our products to ensure the highest rate of disposal or recycling possible. 


Home Compostable

Anywhere you see this icon means that you throw your Simply Stem product into your kitchen food waste bin issued by your local council, or your compost heap in your garden.

Our home compostable products include Meal Box To Go, Eco street bowls, platesclamshells and even garment bags!

Most of the products you will find on Simply Stem are home compostable and certified by TÜV Austria, meaning at least 90%  of the item will disintegrate in 120 days at 25C (unless stated otherwise).

Not only do our takeaway containers help you to reduce packaging waste, but it also helps to save money in the long run by minimising food waste because it makes it easy for the crew, customers and friends to take your delicious food home and heat it with ease. 


You can be assured that these Simply Stem items can go into your curbside recycling whenever you see this icon.

Recyclable materials can be reprocessed into new products. Following the “reduce, reuse, recycle,” waste hierarchy prevents precious resources from being lost to landfill or incineration. Items can either be recycled into the same product (e.g. glass bottles into glass bottles) or into a lower grade material (e.g. writing paper into loo roll).

Although recycling schemes differ from borough to borough, town to town and city to city, recycling collections are widely available for glass, cardboard, paper, plastics and dry mixed recycling across the UK.

Here at Simply Stem, we believe that providing recycled and recyclable solutions needs to go hand in hand with education to ensure the highest probability of the item getting recycled.

* Due to the pandemic, the catering industry needed solutions for a single service food capabilities. We are selling recycled PET lids for our laminated containers. However, we hope to be able to remove any single-use plastic products as soon as we can.

Recycled PET can be disposed of through mainstream plastic recycling. We think this is a better solution than biodegradable plastic, or commercially PLA (plastic made from plants), which contaminate the recycling stream, which can mean even more waste going to landfill.

Commercially Compostable

Anywhere you see this icon means that your Simply Stem product needs to go to a commercial composting site and should not be disposed of in your home composting or recycling bins.

Although certified Commercially/Industrial Compostable items (which are plant-based polymers designed to break down under higher temperatures than your local compost heap) sound like a great solution, this often isn’t the most eco-friendly option.

There are not many specialist facilities that handle this kind of waste stream in the UK, so the chances are that when you think you are doing the best for the environment by choosing “commercially compostable” packaging, you need to be aware that it will probably just end up in landfill.

We only stock a few considered commercially compostable items for this reason, as they still have a lower carbon footprint than single-use virgin plastic.

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