Our Environmental Policy


We have sourced and continue to source what we think are the best range of sustainable & eco-friendly solutions. Not only are we selling a range of products (from trusted sustainable suppliers), we are also educating everyone about their waste consumption to try to get everyone to dispose of their waste correctly!

Our main customers are from the Film, TV & Fashion industry and we know they create tonnes of waste per day across the world, and we want to help reduce that, as well as offer solutions to close the loop.

We want our products to be affordable to all businesses so we can work together to reduce waste in our community, workplaces and the world. We believe is everyone made one change in the habits every day then the world will become a cleaner place for us to live in sooner!


  • Offer information posters to all our customers stating how best to dispose of our products (Contact us if you would like one)
  • Off-set our carbon emissions. We will work with Albert on this to produce a report and use a recommended off-setting scheme
  • Our invoices will only be sent electronically
  • We will use recycled envelopes and boxes for sending out samples where possible (no judging us on the shops we shop at)
  • We will aim to purchase plastic alternatives for any products we use for consumption personally or for the business
  • We intend to only purchase items from environmentally friendly companies
  • Our courier company is DPD and they are one of the greenest courier companies in the UK!
  • Our logistics and warehouse company were choses as they were green-minded like us.
  • We are seeking our alternatives to plastic shrink wrap, at the moment we do not send many orders via pallets but when we do we hope that soon they will not be wrapped in plastic!
  • We have a green energy supplier at home, and we will in our offices when we set one up
  • We also have an eco-friendly font on our website (side note – our website is pink as that is the colour of the sugar cane plant. Also, who doesn’t love pink?!)

Love, Charlotte & Giles x

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