Our Favourite Products (and why we love them).

Learn about some of our favourite sustainable solutions and why we have chosen to carry them on Simply Stem.
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Sabert - BePulp Solutions

A range of innovative compostable products made using discarded pulp from plant fibres. This natural material is abundant, renewable and was intended for waste. Making this a truly sustainable product.

Sabert BePulp is the better choice in sustainable packaging as it combines sustainable design with exceptional performance, using pulp that comes from fibres of plant origin, natural materials which are both abundant and renewable. The entire range offers many practical options and is certified for composting according to regulation EN13432.

We stock two solutions from Sabert:
Natural Pulp - Home Compostable
Laminated Pulp - Commercially Compostable as it’s lined with PLA (starch-based)

Please be sure to check our Simply Stem 'key' to ensure correct disposal. The 'key icons' are available on all our product pages and educational material.

Simply Stem GoodLife Bio Cups


Brand new to the market and completely Home Compostable and Recyclable. We love these cups as they do not have any PLA lining meaning they will fully decompose on a standard compost heap in 4-6 weeks.

Most significantly, these can be recycled locally in the standard paper/board recycling systems, which are easily accessible across the UK.

Tipa Compostable Packaging Logo


These plastic-free, reusable Garment Covers are only available in the UK from Simply Stem.

They are entirely home compostable and do not contain any plastic. These are the best alternative to single-use plastic (or EPI biodegradable plastic) garment covers.

We are so proud to have partnered with TIPA to sell these to productions in the UK.
We also offer a collect and compost service!

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