A screen shot of the Guardian article featuring Simply Stem. There is a women laying a table while wearing an apron.

'The meal kits from restaurants you can plate up at home'

Jay Rayner, The Observer, 28 June 2020

​“The branding is gorgeous, but what really marks it out is the compostable packaging, from a company called Sabert. Throw one of these boxes into the garden when you’re done and there will be nothing left in 90 days. If I’m going to get food delivered like this, I’d prefer not to feel like a total eco-scumbag at the end. I urge other restaurants to consider using them. They can be put through a hot oven and they’re robust. That’s useful when you’ve got a thickly sauced curry of nutty new potatoes and baby aubergines, roasted until ready to fall apart, as if eager to please.”

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